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Your experience can be speakers, live events, media events,

    Your experience can be speakers, live events, media events, artexhibits, dance or theater performances, foreign films, US films, or anyexperience during the semester that addresses diversity issues andprovides you a multicultural learning experience. Write 1-2 pages thatdescribe your multicultural learning experience.In future responses really try to get into detail about the event, film,etc… Tell me of a specific moment and what that moment taught you.Show me what you learned from the MLE.Try to take a comparative method…tell me what the culture is that youare learning about and tell me where the learning happens.Answer these two questions:1: What did I learn about another culture2: How did I learn it (provide an example here that vividly detailssomething for me)I also encourage students to think critically about how this culture canimprove their own and vice versa.

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