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Youll be asked to write several sentences per question. It

    You’ll be asked to write several sentences per question. It’s worth 150 points, so please spend some time and really think about your answers. No plagiarism, add your references, and double check your grammar.It is very important to keep your answers with the questions. 1- A good investigator will know the pros and cons of each type of surveillance, and is able to apply the appropriate surveillance technique to specific crimes. This Investigate! assignment will explore the use of surveillance, undercover agents, and how each can help prove the crime of conspiracy. Answer each question in 3 -5 sentences.Describe in detail either physical or electronic surveillance.2- Describe how surveillance in general can help prove a conspiracy.3- Discuss the role of the undercover agent.4- Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using an undercover agent in investigating conspiracies.5- Undercover agents are not supposed to engage in actual criminal activity. Discuss whether or not you think they should engage in illegal activity if it will benefit the investigation.

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