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you will synthesize what you have learned so far about Epic

    you will synthesize what you have learned so far about Epic Heroes.Synthesis is a critical thinking skill in which you put together significant pieces of what you have learned in order to create additional meaning. A Synthesis shows that you comprehended what you read, broken it apart into smaller pieces to study individually, and rebuilt it into a concise insight.Write a careful and thoughtful paragraph that discusses the prompt in a nuanced way:What makes a hero?In the modern Epic of Lord of the Rings, we are presented with a pair of heroes rather than just the one – Eowyn and Merry. Obviously Eowyn’s gender and Merry’s stature differentiate them from the giant, masculine heroes of Beowulf and Gilgamesh. Write a paragraph that compares and contrasts the relevant aspects of their heroic feats and characteristics. Then, in the conclusion of your paragraph, discuss: Are the differences in gender and stature relevant to their status as heroes?Avoid making sweeping generalizations. Be specific, and strive to find the most precise way to describe these heroes. Use the following questions to help you find important points of comparison:How do the heroes take down their foes? Do they use their bare hands, or weapons? Does the hero consider the distinction important?Which heroes have similar physical characteristics? Which heroes are different from the others, and do those differences affect their ability to be heroic?Which heroes engage in boasting (‘trash talk’) or other banter before the fight? What is the purpose of these pre-battle exchanges?Which heroes work in partners? What role does their partner play, and does teamwork imply strength or weakness in the hero within their story?You do not need to address each of the bulleted prompts above directly, but a good response will show me that you have considered these questions.

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