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You should have chosen your résumé format (either directly

    You should have chosen your résumé format (either directly in Optimal Resume, or on your own computer using a template from Optimal Resume as a starting point), and following the steps found in the ‘Creating a Resume’ section of this course have saved a copy to your computer.Overall, your résumé draft should adhere to the following guidelines:The résumé should be single-spacedFonts should be between 10 and 12 point size and easily readableMargins should be no less than ½ inch, and no greater than one inchFormatting and spacing should be consistent throughout the documentThere should be no spelling, grammar or punctuation errorsThis week you will complete the educations section of your resume:Update your contact information, personal statement, skills, and work sections according to your instructor’s feedback from modules 1, 2, and 3Complete the educations section of your resume. This what i have so farSenneh Kormazu7401New Hampshire Ave Apt 914Takoma Park MD, 20192(301)-466-5512Senenhkormazu@gmail.comObjective Statement To train work with an institution/firm that will enable me be a self-starter in life, posted at a challengingbut rewarding position for optimum productivity as an individual and as a group to accomplish the setcompany objectives and vision. Additionally, to optimally exploit my talents and potentials in order tomeet the challenges that come with this and related professions and utilize my learnt and intrinsic skills fororganizational, personal and career growth.Personal Profile I am a hardworking, highly motivated and adaptable individual able to work under minimum supervisionto meet deadlines. I am also a good team player with excellent analytical, interpersonal, communicationaland presentational skills. Furthermore, I have a positive attitude towards solving problems and goodorganization skills with dynamism, strong values of integrity and transparency.Skill & AbilitiesIT SkillsI am skillful in the following softwareMicrosoft excel- Microsoft word- Macro-Media Dream-weaver- Photoshopteacher Feedback to Learner10/20/16 1:12 AMSenneh:Contact Info and Profile are correct — corrections have been made: 10/15 Omit the wordy unclear objective and write a profile according to the numerous examples andexplanations I’ve provided.Skills section is complete and correctly formatted and free of grammar errors: 0/35 Please review the info posted on the announcement page about essential 21st century skills. It is important to include communication, leadership, and technical skills on your resume.

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