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    YOU MUST ANSWER EVERY QUESTION WITH AN ANSWER. SHOULD NOT BE IN PAPER FORM. INCLUDE REFERENCES FROM BOOK. BOOK WILL BE ATTACHED WHEN BID IS ACCEPTED. 1. According to tradition, who wrote the Gospel of Mark? Why are modern scholars unable to verify that tradition? What themes in the Gospel suggest that it was composed after the Jewish Revolt against Rome had already begun? 2. Why does Mark devote so much space and detail to the Passion story? Why does he have Jesus predict his death three times? 3. Describe the three different categories Mark assigns the Son of Man concept. How is this concept related to earlier Jewish writings, such as the books of Ezekiel, Daniel, and I Enoch? 4. Define parable and discuss Jesus’ use of this literary form to describe his vision of God’s kingdom. 5. What devices does the author of Mark employ to convey his view that Jesus had to be misunderstood for him to fulfill God’s plan? 6. Why do scholars believe that it is unlikely that one of the Twelve wrote Matthew’s Gospel? From the content of the Gospel, what can we infer about its author and the time and place of its composition? 7. In his apparent use of Mark, Q, and other sources unique to his account, how does Matthew reveal some of his special interests and purposes. 8. In what way does Matthew follow standards of his day in interpreting the Hebrew Bible? How doe the author’s emphasis on the supernatural affect his portrait of Jesus? 9. Although he emphasizes that Jesus’ personal religion is Torah Judaism, Matthew also presents his hero as founder of the church (ekklesia). How “Jewish” and Torah-abiding did Matthew intend the church to be? 10. In editing and expanding Mark’s prophecy of Jerusalem’s fall and the eschaton, Matthew interpolates several parables of judgment. How do these parables function to stretch the time of the End into the far-distant future? 11. Describe some of Luke’s major themes and concerns. 12. Describe the role that women play in Luke’s account. 13. Evaluate the evidence for and against the tradition that Luke, Paul’s traveling companion, wrote the Gospel bearing his name. 14. Is there evidence in the Gospel of Luke that the author uses the popular Greco-Roman form of the long speech to illustrate Jesus’ main ideas, ethical qualities and responses to critical events? If so, what is that evidence? 15. Show some of the specific ways in which Luke’s version of Jesus’ arrest, trial and execution reflect his awareness of the political realities with which the Christian community had to deal.

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