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You have sourced the right raw materials and secured the rig

    You have sourced the right raw materials and secured the rightchannel partners. You’ve also set the launch date for your new product.Although you have completed many marketing activities so far, youhaven’t even begun to spread the word about your product yet!This assignment includes three parts:Part 1: Design five (5) different integrated marketing tactics (including graphics and text/copy). The five tactics are as follows:A press releaseAn email campaignONE of the following: magazine advertisement, direct mail postcard, full-page flyer, tri-fold sales brochure, or banner adONE of the following: TV commercial (submit script), radio advertisement (submit script), or social mediaONE of the following: coupon, rebate, sweepstakes, free give-away, or contestThe primary goal of your campaign is to introduce your new offering tothe target audience. The secondary goal is to compel consumers to tryyour offering.Part 2: Using a minimum of 2 scholarly sources complete a 4-5 page paper (including a references page) that discusses the following:Explain your rationale for choosing your five tactics for yourIMC campaign. Be sure to incorporate concepts from the course to supportyour rationale! Your rationale should align with the marketing strategyyou have already chosen.Explain how your promotion strategies will address the diversity of your customer base.Explain what other tactics you would use if you were launching areal campaign, and why. (They may or may not be in the list in Part 1.)Explain what tactics you would avoid, and why.Part 3: A key element in marketing today is beingable to show results from your marketing investments or ROI (return oninvestment). Referencing the five items you created, answer thefollowing questions in 1-2 pages: How would you track the activity from each one? Remember, your secondary goal is to compel consumers to try your offerings. What call to action will you use? (What do you want the consumer to do as a result of interacting with your promotion?) What tools would you use to track those calls to action for eachpiece? (Examples include ways and tools you would use for trackingsocial media, email distribution, or websites.)

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