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You have been engaged to write a manual for managing a Linux

    You have been engaged to write a manual for managing a Linux environment. This task requires the following to be addressed:Define the necessary components and functions of a Linux operating system. Discuss 3 mechanisms that are available to secure a computer system, whether it is Windows or Linux. List 5 common Linux distributions that are popular today, and explain why they are popular (there are over 600 Linux distributions available). Choose 1 of the distributions, and select 1 of the available shells to research in more detail. Working with the distribution and associated shell that you selected above, review the list of shell commands. Identify and explain how to use the shell commands to accomplish the following: Change the directory or folder Check disk file system Manage the printer Stop a process Partition and format a disk Manage user accounts Identify the set of the commands that would allow you to show information about the operating system, that shows the date and time, that lists the users that are currently logged into the system, and that shows you how disk space is being used. Discuss how these would be combined together to create a script to automatically complete the tasks. Provide a suggestion for using certain shell commands to automatically complete another system administrative task. Discuss your thoughts about the challenges associated with managing and administering an environment that includes different operating systems. Prepare a Word document of 3–4 body pages that includes a title page, introduction, and a references page that covers the above items. The document should be in APA style

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