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You are required to complete a research paper that will cons

    You are required to complete a research paper that will constitute the Course Project.The purpose of the paper is to afford you the opportunity to demonstrate research,writing, and critical thinking skills in the area of leadership.For your Final Research Paper, you will synthesize, evaluate, and apply concepts,theories, and strategies related to leadership and organizational change. Throughoutthis course, you will complete surveys and questionnaires contained in the course text.You will save the results of these surveys and questionnaires, and for the FinalResearch Paper, you will summarize and analyze your results. The surveys andquestionnaires will help you discovery how each leadership approach and theory relatesto your personal leadership style.For the Final Project you will:• Analyze your leadership style in your own words without referring to theapproaches or theories you studied. Describe an example from your ownexperience, or one in which you are familiar, to support your analysis.• Determine which leadership approach or theory you studied most closelyresembles your own leadership style. Using an example from your ownexperience, or one in which you are familiar; explain how this leadershipapproach or theory resembles your style.• Describe which leadership approach or theory you studied that you would mostlike to adopt. Explain why you selected this particular approach or theory.• Describe steps that you can take to more closely align your personal leadershipstyle with the one you wish to adopt. If the leadership approach is the same asyour own, describe steps you can take to enhance your leadership style.• Select three other approaches or theories you have studied that you would notwant to adopt. Explain why you would not want to adopt these specificapproaches or theories.• Research the Walden University Library database or the Internet and find anarticle that discusses organizational change. Describe the leadership approachesor theories that you would use if you were responsible for guiding theorganization in the article through its changes. Explain your reasons.Do not report specific scores from the questionnaires. You should only provide specificanswers. For example, do not report specific ethical issues in the Leadership Ethicssection; instead be aware of whether you need to work on ethical issues in general. TheFinal Research Paper is for you to report what you have learned throughout the courseand how you can apply it to your leadership philosophy. Your Final Research Paper should be 6–8 pages. Be sure to support your argumentswith specific references to the Learning Resources and any outside research while adhering strictly to APA style and format of reference.ReadingsNorthouse, P. G. (2016). Leadership: Theory and practice (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks: CA: Sage Publications.Chapter 13, ‘Leadership Ethics’ (pp. 329-360)Dinh, J. E., Lord, R. G., Gardner, W. L., Meuser, J. D., Liden, R. C., & Hu, J. (2014). Leadership theory and research in the new millennium: Current theoretical trends and changing perspectives. The Leadership Quarterly, 25(1), 36–62.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Dion, M. (2012). Are ethical theories relevant for ethical leadership? Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 33(1), 4–24.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Mayer, D. M., Aquino, K., Greenbaum, R. L., & Kuenzi, M. (2012). Who displays ethical leadership, and why does it matter? An examination of antecedents and consequences of ethical leadership. Academy of Management Journal, 55(1), 151–171.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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