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You are consulting for a firm that wants to export from the

    You are consulting for a firm that wants to export from the United States to “Bangladesh”. The firm we’ll call Link Snack, Inc. and it wants to export packaged Jack Link’s Beef Jerky ( Presume each package costs $1.00. Link Snack, Inc. needs you to find some information that will help them evaluate the profitability of exporting their products. They need to know:(1) How “Bangladesh” would classify/categorize their product for the purpose of determining import tariffs. (Tariffs may be called other names such as duties or taxes in different countries)(2) What import tariffs would apply and how much would they be on the product.(3) As this is food product, any packaging and labeling requirements there would be. For each question, they need a brief response by you and a web link to the resource information you used to make your response. Particularly helpful are web links provided by “Bangladesh.” The following websites may be of assistance: * United States Department of Agriculture – Exporting Products:… * Country Commercial Guides (Under the “Locations” tab, find “your country.”) * “Bangladesh” trade websites

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