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Writing Assignment Choose from one of the following topics

    Writing Assignment: Choose from one of the following topics related to juvenile justiceCorrection PopulationsJuvenile CourtsUCR Arrest DataRisk Factors for DelinquencyGangsSchool SafetyBullyingFemale Juvenile OffendersStatus OffensesJuveniles and Violent CrimeJuveniles as VictimsChild Abuse & NeglectConsiderations in CorrectionsPrevention and Diversion ProgramsJuvenile ProbationJuvenile Justice Around the WorldTheories of CausationJuveniles and the policeThe Future of Juvenile JusticeOnce you’ve chosen this topic, you need to create a document that discusses the following issues: Identify what the problem/issue is.What is the historic development of your topic?What are the current statistics related to this domain in terms of juvenile delinquency? What has the trend been? What are the challenges from the past?What are the current challenges?What are some future challenges?Housekeeping Specifics:This assignment will require you to synthesize your readings, spend some time looking for other resources, and to think outside the box. The general idea is you want to give an overview and analysis of a specific topic that interests you regarding juvenile justice.Think of this assignment this way: if someone who wasn’t a criminology and criminal justice major asked you ‘so, what’s up with gangs and juvenile justice?’, this would be your hour and a half response. Assume APA style. If you do not know what that is, please look it up on the Internet somewhere. You do not need a title page, but you do need a title. Treat this like an essay.The paper should be a minimum 1000-1500 words in length (not including your works cited section or title page).12 point font Times New Roman 1-inch marginsDouble spaced Microsoft Word document.Cite your resources, again using APA style.Do not use direct quotes. E.g., do not write: Jacobs (2009) stated that ‘this is a direct citation’ (p. 59).Be sure to include a Works Cited section.In general, structure your essay like this: Introductory ParagraphMain body (with subheadings where necessary)ConclusionThis must be completed by 11:59 PM on Sunday, at the end of Week 6

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