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Write at least 1 paragraph summarizing both of these clips.

    Write at least 1 paragraph summarizing both of these clips. Perhaps answering some of the following questions.Also requires at least 1 paragraph response to another student’s post (given after the video)For Ida B. Wells film:- Why did Ida Wells achieve more from writing than other African Americans did from fighting back physically?- Why do you think Ida Wells was accepted and listened to so well in the black community?- Why did the southern white men find Ida a threat and exile her?For Triangle Fire:- Why do you think women in the Triangle Factory would continue to work if the conditions were so poor?- Why did it take a devastating fire to produce labor laws? Why didn’t their strike produce the same amount of change?- Can you recall a similar disastrous historical event which produced the change that people had been fighting for well before the event?… (4:00-7:45; 32:30-53:45)Other student’s post – At least 1 paragraph responseIda Wells was able to impact more people from her writing than if she had been fighting back physically in the streets every day. The African Americans who fought back against the white people awakened the public to the way that African Americans were treated. Yet, through her writing, Ida Wells reached far more citizens in and outside of that region, and also for a longer period of time. Another consideration is that the African Americans who used force against the whites were blamed for using self-defense, or injuring white people with inadequate cause, while Ida Wells could continue writing and encouraging African American citizens to fight segregation without such attacks.In my opinion, Ida Wells had such a large literary audience because she was writing down and publishing the injustices that were commonly happening to African Americans. She was also part of the community that was being downtrodden. The African American public might have felt a sort of kinship with her, and they were probably more receptive of her thoughts on segregation than if she had been a white person.Women in the Triangle Factory had little choice in where to work, or what kind of work they did. Even though the working conditions were deplorable, it was a steady job, and a way for them to support their families. One must also take into account that a lot of the available jobs in that time period probably had the same hours, pay, and safety measures in place, as the Triangle Factory employed. These women were doing a specific task all day long, and there might not have been numerous different jobs that they could pick from within their area.

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