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Write an Employee class that keeps data attributes for the f

    Write an Employee class that keeps data attributes for the following pieces of information: Employee NameEmployee Number Next, write a class named ProductionWorker that is a subclass of the Employee class. The ProductionWorker class should keep data attributes for the following information: Shift Number (an integer 1 or 2)Hourly Pay Rate The workday is divided into two shifts: day and night. The shift attribute will hold an integer value representing the shift that the employee works. The day shift is shift 1 and the night shift is shift 2. Write the appropriate accessor and mutator methods for each class. Once you have written the classes, write a program that creates an object of the ProductionWorker class and prompts the user to enter data for each of the object’s data attributes. Store the data in the object and then use the object’s accessor methods to retrieve it and display it on the screen.Extra Credit – 5 pointsAdd an __str__ method to the ProductionWorker class that will print the attributes from both classes in a readable format. In the main part of the program, create one more ProductionWorkder object, assign values to the attributes and print both objects using the print statement.

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