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Write a short essay in response to ONE (1) of the following

    Write a short essay in response to ONE (1) of the following questions.Your essay should be understood as an extended form of a reflection paper. I am looking for you to provide a reflective engagement with the question that demonstrates not a quickly derived answer but rather demonstrates a consideration of the question as something that is pertinent to yourself and your life. In this sense I advise you to choose the question that is of the most relevance to you. What matters in this assignment is not your answer to the question but how you got to your answer. There is no set expected length for a response. Each response is expected to incorporate at least three separate and distinct sources from the class. These sources can be lecture materials or course readings. They are not to be the sources that you used for your reflection papers. You are allowed to utilize readings and lectures that you may have previously written on in your reflection paper submissions but they will not count as the needed three. Be aware that you should not cut and paste previously submitted material into this assignment. If you do so it will be identified and you will be penalized. No extra research is required or desired for this assignment.Be bold and clear in your thought. Should be about Patriarchal Country

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