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Write a definition and example for each term ( .25pts each).

    Write a definition and example for each term ( .25pts each). A definition is worth .15 and an example is worth .10.NE denotes no example needed. Student must type NE after the definition. If you do not add the NE or and example you will have a .10 deduction.analytical psychology NE archetypebasic anxietybehavioral genetics NEBig Five NEcognitive expectancy conscious NEdefense mechanismego NEfactor analysis NE five-factor model (FFM) NE id NEindividual psychology NE inferiority complexintellectualizationlevels of consciousness NElocus of control Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) NEmorality principleneo-Freudian NE objective personality test NE Oedipus complex penis envy NEpersonality pleasure principle NE preconscious NEprojective testpsychosexual stages NErationalization reality principle reciprocal determinism repressionRorschach Inkblot Test NEself-actualization self-concept self-efficacysuperegoThematic Apperception Test (TAT) NEtraitunconditional positive regard unconscious NE

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