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Write a 2 page essay APA format (double spaced) addressing t

    Write a 2 page essay APA format (double spaced) addressing the following 4 topics:Academic Integrity: What does academic integrity mean to you and why is it a big deal? Why do you think people violate the academic integrity code? Is it ignorance, laziness, or ill intent? Discuss these issues substantively (2 paragraphs). Ethics in Research: Becauseethics is at times a fluid definition, there are of course ethical issues inresearch. Some have included tailoring studies for financial gain and there wasan interesting one at Harvard where student attendance was monitored forresearch purposes without the students knowing their attendance was beingmonitored with hidden cameras (project was university and professor approved).What does it mean to be an ethical researcher? This can apply to research inthe discovery sense or academic, such as your classwork. What ethicalissues have you seen or experienced in research activities? Discuss these andrelated issues substantively (1-2 paragraphs). Culture: Discuss substantively, citing examples of, how one’s culture affects communication with others (1 paragraph). Workplace Conflict: After reading thearticles attached, answer the following questions: What is the best way to handleconflict in work and business? What advice would you give aco-worker? How have you handled workplace conflict in the past? Discussthese and related issues substantively and give examples (1-2 paragraphs). I have attched the articles for this question.

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