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write 300- “500 words that respond to In this assignment,

    write 300- “500 words that respond to In this assignment, you will investigate concepts such as conformity, compliance, and obedience. Each of you has probably seen a story on the news about someone joining a cult, group, or gang. As you watched the news story, you may wonder why that person would conform to the strict requests made by the group, cult, or gang. For example, a cult in 1997 called Heaven’s Gate convinced all 39 members to commit suicide. A group called the Moonies (Unification Church) would convince its members to cut contact with anyone outside of the group (family and friends) and donate all of their money to the church. Why would anyone willingly join one of these groups? Discuss the following in your paper: Research a group, gang, or cult that you believe uses conformity,compliance, or obedience to have people join and stay in that particulargang. In your own words give a summary of the group, gang, or cult’smission.What does that group outwardly say to recruit someone into the group, gang, or cult?Discuss how the group uses social influence such as conformity,compliance, and obedience to keep members in the group, gang, or cult.Why would someone stay in one of these groups, gangs, or cults?If someone in the group, gang, or cult wanted to leave, wouldit be an easy transition? What may prevent him or her from leaving?

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