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Write 3–4 pages in which you reflect on a professional or

    Write 3–4 pages in which you reflect on a professional or personalsituation where you needed to solve a problem and describe the criticalthinking strategies you used. Expert critical thinking strategies are integral to success in yourCapella course work and to advancing in your career. Having a solidframework of focus you can call upon can help ensure your success bothacademically and professionally.By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrateyour proficiency in the following course competencies and assessmentcriteria: Competency 1: Communicate effectively in writing.Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate formatwith correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a health caremanagement professional. Competency 5: Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.Explain strategies for keeping a positive attitude while resolving a problem.Describe ways to determine the accuracy of information about a problem.Describe ways to break a problem into smaller parts.Explain strategies for determining what information about a problem is missing.Describe strategies for organizing information about a problem.Think back to a professional or personal situation where you neededto use critical thinking strategies to solve a problem and make adecision. This could be deciding to accept a job offer or transfer,determining which computer or new car to purchase, choosing a school foryour bachelor degree program, and so forth.Refer to The Critical Thinking Process document in the Resources to guide completion of this assessment.Complete the following:Include a brief description of the situation.Explain how you kept a positive attitude as you resolved the problem.Describe how you determined the accuracy of any assumptions or conclusions.Describe how you broke the problem into smaller, more workable parts.Explain how you were able to determine what necessary information you had and what information you still needed.Describe how you organized your information. Did you engage in meaningful self-dialogue? Did you write down prompts or lists?Briefly describe what it felt like to go through the process.Yourcompleted assessment should be approximately 3–4 pages in length. Forthis assessment, you do not need to conduct any research or cite anyresources. You should, however, still include a title page.Additional RequirementsUse 12 pt., Times New Roman font.Double-space.

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