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Why do you think it took westward expansion to get men to re

    Why do you think it took westward expansion to get men to realize that women are capable of a lot more than taking care of children and cooking?The beginning of Women’s struggle for recognition of rights began in 1830’s, when many women’s groups started to form. During the Civil War, it would be these groups that would govern and run society as the men went off to war. After, the War, many of these women did not wish to return to their traditional roles and began to seek better opportunities. This is still a major work in progress but it can be said that there has been great leaps forward in this area. Any thoughts on this?One major influence women had on Westward expansion was the establishment of brothels and bars. Do you think this was a positive way for women to gain influence and power, or do you believe this was just another way for men to degrade women?

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