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Which of the following put regulations on banks?FDICSocial S

    Which of the following put regulations on banks?FDICSocial Security Act 1935The Great DepressionLEI================================Which model is used to make future predictions on the performances of an economy?real GDPLEIeconometric modelNone of these answers=============================Which is used to predict changes in the business cycle?econometric modelFDICLEIDPI==============================________ occurs when consumers try to buy all of the goods and services which causes an excessive demand.Demand-pull inflationStagflationCommodity inflationCost-pull inflation=============================================Economists use the term __________ in describing an economy experiencing inflation at the same time as its resources are heavily underutilized. This also occurred during 1979–1981.cost-pull inflationstagflationdemand-pull inflationcommodity inflation====================================___________ describes the status of workers who have left one job and are soon likely to find another.Seasonal unemploymentStructural unemploymentFrictional unemploymentCyclical unemployment======================================Unemployment that follows the business cycle by increasing during recessions and decreasing during periods of recovery is called ___________.seasonal unemploymentstructural unemploymentfrictional unemploymentcyclical unemployment=========================================Cost-push is most likely to occur in those industries in which management or labor is so strong that it can dictate prices.TrueFalse=======================================________ is caused by changes in the nature or location of employment opportunities.Seasonal unemploymentStructural unemploymentFrictional unemploymentCyclical unemployment==============================The trough is the highest point in the mutability of the business cycle.TrueFalse

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