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Which of the following is considered the focus of the first

    Which of the following is considered the focus of the first successful civil rights movement in the United States?a. The civil rights of disabled persons.b. gay rightsc. equal payd. abolition of slavery========================================What is the relationship between the US Constitution and the different levels of the US government?a. The Constitution gives the states more power than the federal government.b. There is no relationship because each state only follows its own constitution and does not adhere to the US Constitution.c. The constitutions of the state and local governments supersedes the amendments of the US Constitutiond. It is the document which binds together all of the federal, state and local governments.=======================================Why did the framers of the US government design federalism to be different from the unitary system found in Great Britain?a.The framers wanted to avoid the possibility of tyranny arising in their new government.b. Federalism is a direct democracy in which the people make every political decision themselves.c. Only within the federal system is there a president who holds all the power.d. The federal system automatically gives all citizens equal liberties.=============================Authority possessed by both the state and national governments that can be exercised at the same time is an example of which of the following:a. concurrent powersb. enumerated powersc. police powersd. supremacy clause==================================A majority of the governments around the world currently use a federal system.a. Trueb. False======================================All are examples of powers held by the states EXCEPT:a. establish local governmentsb. conduct foreign relationsc. ratify the amendments to the federal Constitutiond. All of these are powers held by the states.=============================Which of the following lead to more cooperative federalism in the modern US government?a. The Great Depressionb. World War Ic. The creation of the US Constitutiond. The Revolutionary War==================================New Federalism is expanding the powers of the US federal government over states’ rights.a. Trueb. False==============================Which was one of the main goals of the progressives during the Progressive Movement?a. For the voters to have the power to replace the government because of corruptionb. To allow voters to enact laws directlyc. To prevent political corruption and provide a leeway for the participation of the citizensd To push for more control of the national government over the states=================================The Constitution bars the national and state governments from passing this kind of law, that make an act punishable as a crime even if the action was legal at the time it was committed.a. Amendment 1b. against the technology clausec. ex post facto lawd. a violation of human rights

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