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When reading this material I want you to keep in mind how th

    When reading this material I want you to keep in mind how the concept of being a “proper woman” has changed over the course of our session. The various women we have studied would all have a different answer to this question – and today we will get a multiplicity of answers as well, but legal and social changes have expanded that definition in many different ways (after all you are still womanly if you vote! although many other recent changes are still being debated – are you womanly if you serve in the military? or play sports? serve as a politician? ) . The set of articles gathered in this last reading explore the issues that different modern women feel are still important. As you read these documents, think about the issues you feel are still important to women’s history.Steps to complete the Assignment:Read the documents in the textbook: Facing the Future: Women’s History in the Years to Come on pp. 709-715 .Write an essay (about 400-600 words) responding to the questions listed below that uses examples from the documents in Chapter 1 2 .In what ways do the issues of reproductive rights, violence against women, and the struggle to balance the demands of home and family move beyond the personal concerns of individual women to become important challenges in the broader society?After completing this course, how do you link yourself to women’s history? Use specific documents, readings, or images from the entire course to help support your findings.What do you think will be the major political challenges for women in the coming years?

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