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Were finalizing our fully edited essay from Week Ones time

    We’re finalizing our fully edited essay from Week One’s timed writing.I’m reposting the essential part of that original prompt here.Consider Rankine’s position that, ‘A sustained state of national mourning for black lives is called for in order to point to the undeniability of their devaluation,’ and Leovy’s understanding, as gained from some of the detectives in Ghettoside (the place), that all the dead on The Homicide Report are ‘victims’ regardless of their potential criminal histories or affiliations, and answer the following question based on your experience and critical thinking:How important is it to for our culture to witness the bodies of black dead (for example, in Charleston in 2015, when we have not seen them, or in the case of Emmet Till in 1955, when we did) in order to come to an understanding of the devaluation of black lives in the U.S., and, particularly in Los Angeles? Remember that this is an argument, not an exploratory or informative essay. The basic rule is that your audience is at least as familiar with any text and with history as you are: never summarize. This means, for example, there’s no need to state that racism is wrong or to prove that it exists. Critical thought means moving beyond the obvious. Be sure you are directly addressing the question of the prompt. This is the work.I suggest rereading Rankine’s essay (链接到外部网站。) and remember that your thesis will be in contrast to, or agreement with, the thesis she presents. That is, a paper of 1,000 words, will offer a close discussion of your sense of the rightness of Rankine’s position or of your opposition to it. Give careful consideration to what Rankine’s essay and any of our other readings suggest about how the viewing of the bodies of slain African Americans might impact our culture. Be sure to include examples from Rankine, at least, if not from any of our other texts, and in a well-argued presentation, discuss how the evidence you present adds up to the conclusion you have reached. Remember to do this without using the first-person perspective!The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate your ability to read through the material, gather information and ideas, and use those to formulate ideas of your own, and, importantly, edit your work from the Timed Write. Critical thinking and analysis is about the ability to see beyond the surface of things, this paper asks that you deduce something about the character of our culture and then describe the basis of your deduction by discussing the carefully selected passages from the readings that support, or perhaps disagree with, your insights. Your deduction, that is, your opinion, is the THESIS STATEMENT. Structurally, your paper should have an introductory paragraph that concludes with a thesis statement – the assertion of the point of your paper. The body of the paper should consist of a close, careful discussion of passages from the reading selection(s) that you briefly quote and then analyze to show how they support, or even disagree with, your assertion. The concluding paragraph should bring together all the points made in the body of the paper and offer a reassertion of the thesis statement.Though you are not required to use any outside sources for this paper, if you choose to use any, be sure to cite them properly. Use the How to MLA links provided (in Course Home) to understand how to properly format a Works Cited page according to MLA Guidelines. Some pro tips: papers should be double-spaced, have a meaningful title, and include your name on the first page.If you want to find a partner to peer-edit with, there is a set of suggested guidelines under the Week Four heading, marked Peer Editing. If you choose not to benefit from a peer editor, read the material provided and do your best to peer edit yourself. Be sure to read my comments to your Timed Write and take those into account as you work through your process.There’s organization and analysis showing and the writing is very clean for a timed write (where you didn’t even use all of the time!). Some tips as you approach our first paper: be confident in your thesis. You say ‘may’ here and that is a way to hurt the entire paper. It sounds as if you aren’t sure and if you aren’t sure, how can your audience be?Some of the sentences read as redundant and Rankine is never cited here though clearly some of the phrasing is from her essay, be very careful about that because even unintentional plagiarism (which this is) will cause a paper to fail! Also, in the actual paper, you must address counterargument so make sure you make time for that. Again, good work, and I look forward to seeing what you do with some actual time to write!PAPER REQUIREMENTS AT A GLANCEDouble-space the document and use one inch margins all around as well as a reasonably sized and designed font in black only. Do not justify margins.Include your name on the first page and include a worthwhile and original title.Introduce your topic clearly in the opening paragraph and offer a clear, argumentative thesis at the end of your opening paragraph.Be sure to include at least one selection from the reading in your discussion and to formally introduce the text(s).Include proper MLA in-text citations when necessary along with a Works Cited page.

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