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Wendys Fast Food 1-2 page submission.Determine the best of t

    Wendys Fast Food 1-2 page submission.Determine the best of the lean practices would fit into your organization and why?What tools and techniques of lean would be most effective for your organization and why? (Select two or more)Five-S workplace organization, Visual workplace systems, Layout, Standardized work (SW), Point of use storage (POUS), Batch size reduction, Quick changeover (QCO), Poka-yoke, Self-inspection, Automation, Pull systems/Kanban, Cellular and flow, Just-in-time (JIT), Total productive maintenance (TPM), Value stream mapping (VSM), Change management, Teamwork.Using the structure for quality improvement steps, describe how you would implement your lean practice strategy.Establish a quality council: (who, when, where, how often).Create a statement of responsibilities for your quality council.Establish the necessary infrastructure.Discuss the role that subcommittees or project improvement teams would play? Why would it be beneficial to have a team?Would you need quality managers or quality training programs?Would you need to develop any further structure improvement processes?

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