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Week 3 Assignment Research Essay topic proposal and Annotat

    Week 3 Assignment: Research Essay topic proposal and Annotated BibliographyResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity:Textbook: Chapter 5File: Presentation– Annotated Bibliography (PDF and Audio)Conduct research as necessary using the Tiffin University library’s resources and other credible materials or locations including the Purdue OWL (linked on the Moodle main page). IntroductionAnnotated bibliographies assist our research and information gathering process by helping us to organize our sources and to summarize the most important information in those sources for quick reference. The topic proposal is a brief description of your ideas for the final research paper, which includes your overall topic, your angle on that topic (the narrowed focus–like the specific effects of the rise in prescription drug prices), and your working thesis statement. Activity InstructionsWithin a single document, first write a topic proposal of at least one to two paragraphs that gives the following information:1) Overall topic (for example, prescription drug costs)2) Your angle on that topic (for example, the specific effects of rising prescription drug costs)3) Your working thesis statementBelow your topic proposal (within the same document), compose your annotated bibliography, which should include a minimum of four sources obtained from the TU library’s online research resources. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL ONLY WRITE ONE DRAFT OF THIS ASSIGNMENT, WHICH IS DUE THIS WEEK. Writing Requirements (APA format)2-3 pages (approx. 300 words per page), NOT including title page or references page1-inch marginsDouble spaced12-point Times New Roman fontTitle page with topic and name of studentReferences page (if applicable) Grading and AssessmentThis activity will be graded using the Essay Grading Rubric (in Course Documents) Course Learning Outcome(s): 1, 2, 3, 41. Recognize that writing is a tool of communication and that every writer must consider audience, purpose, and voice in communicating ideas.2. Think critically about the ideas presented in prose works, the manner in which those ideas are presented, and the values expounded within the works. 3. Synthesize these ideas. 4. Write an analytically sound, well-organized, coherent, correctly documented, and grammatically correct paper in APA format. The paper will include a thesis statement, concrete supporting evidence, and incorporate multiple sources.

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