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We are going to discuss a special population Teenagers. Rev

    We are going to discuss a special population: Teenagers. Review the slides I have provided BELOW. The first few slides you can just ignore…they have to do with the organization which hosted the webinar… Now to move on…instead of the typical question and response, I’d like to give you a practical application assignment, described below. Teen Book Review: Recently many publishers have responded to the need for books that are designed to help adults discuss a difficult topic, death, with young children, and/or teens. You are to select one book (many are on Amazon), written for teens, and evaluate it based on what we have learned thus far in class. 1) Does it fit the social-emotional and cognitive developmental level for adequate death comprehension that is required for the age group for which it was marketed? 2) Is it honest, or do you think that it further perpetuates the myths around teens and their grief process? 3) Explore a bit: You are a clinician, asked to work with a teen in that age group. Teenagers are notoriously difficult to reach in counseling session…often because they are forced to attend session by well-meaning adults. How would you, specifically, incorporate this book into a counseling session? Is there enough there to start a conversation? Did it leave too many things vague and unanswered? What kinds of questions do you think it would raise for the teen? How would you, based on what you now know, answer them?

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