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Watch the power points I upload, and search some information

    Watch the power points I upload, and search some information online(use your own words) to answer the question follow my request:This is from Chapter 1 in power point.1.Which countries historically have been the home countries of MNEs?(give 3 countries and their trends of example) Are they the same countries from which international accounting firms have originated? If they are not the same countries, discuss why. (answer yes or no, and reasons) This is from Chapter 2 in power point2.If you were trying to predict which financial reporting regulations and practices would be found in various African countries, which non-accounting variables would you measure? (explain main factor and give a example, then give another factor) This is from Chapter 2 in power point3.Explain how international differences in the ownership and financing of companies could lead to differences in financial reporting. (use the theory in power point to explain, and give 2 types. For example, widely held; family or government. Talk the ownership finance, such as what quality of information they need.)Just answer it follow the requirement, no words request, but I need this assignment in 4 hours.

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