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Watch Stress Portrait of a Killer, a National Geographic do

    Watch Stress: Portrait of a Killer, a National Geographic documentary (Netflix has it or here (Links to an external site.) for free). Since this movie came out in 2007, much more research has also shown that stress can have a powerful impact on your health (Links to an external site.). Were you surprised by anything that you learned watching this movie? Do you think the general population is aware of this information? What about medical professionals? What can we do to reduce the negative effect that stress has on people’s health? Can you think of any way that stress might have a positive effect on health?Paper Instructions: Your answer should be at least 500 words (which will be about 2 pages double spaced at a 12 point font). Please include the word count at the end of your essay in parentheses, like this: (WORD COUNT: 588 words). Please DO NOT include the prompt with your essay as this will interfere with an accurate word count; essays that include the prompt will not be eligible for the highest grade.If you include knowledge from a specific source other than the textbook or lectures, then you must provide the reference in APA style (see here for how to cite in APA style (Links to

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