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view videos and pdf below and write 1-3 paragraphs summarizi

    view videos and pdf below and write 1-3 paragraphs summarizing your thoughts. below are some questions to possibly answer in your writing.From the Primary Source – Damsel in Distress:Do you think that gender-related information conveyed in popular media/video games can affect personal perceptions and cultural standards about gender?Do you think these games have an impact on the beliefs about women’s roles in society?How do these video games reinforce traditional gender roles?From the Article – Trans-Mississippi Frontier West:In your opinion, was Zitkala-Sa’s Mother right in letting her leave home? What else could she have done to get her daughter to stay at home?Women of diverse backgrounds experienced tragedy and deprivation and a loss of status and identity, how could these women have handled their situations differently?also a 1 paragraph response to the following post;Regarding the Trans-Mississippi Frontier West documents that I read over, the one that stuck out the most was A Citizen Protests The Rape of Indian Women in California, 1862. I think that it shows the lack of boundaries set on each and every human being that could go into that rancheria and think that it is morally okay to rape and force themselves onto people. I don’t think times have changed because you hear about government officials still doing the same thing today. I don’t think weather the women were Indian or white mattered. I think that they were trying to show their power and did it in a very hateful way. It also shows that because there was a lieutenant around and possibly participating in the rape of Indian women to try to scare or push the families out of the area was being tolerated and they should be brought to justice.I have played games my whole life and honestly women being victimized in every game I have played has stuck out to me. I have ALWAYS wondered why Zelda wasn’t as strong as her leading competitors. I deal with the whole ‘damsel in distress’ ideology all the time. I hike and I typically like to take a book and my yoga and head out, alone. Well immediately when I tell someone I am going, I get the ‘ be careful, aren’t you scared, what if something happens?’. I cannot tell you how manytimes I have had to explain myself. I always am prepared to go alone. Do you think they would ask my husband those questions? No, never. I think that because these are unconsciously embedded into our minds as we are growing up we think it’s okay to assume women as a gender are weak and helpless. I am teaching my little boys that a women can do everything a man can do and you should never doubt something someone can do based on their gender or race.

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