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Using the America History and Life with Full Text database,

    Using the America: History and Life with Full Text database, find an article on the U.S. Naval strategy during thenineteenth century. Within your article review, connect the concept of the U.S. military during times of peace and war andhow the concept of the United States as an imperialist power in the twentieth century developed. Write a summary of the article. Include the purpose for the article, how research was conducted, the results, andother pertinent information from the article. Discuss the meaning or implication of the article. Include your opinion of the article. Discuss any flaws you foundin the article, how you think it could have been better, and what you think it means. Discuss how the author could expand on the topic, what the article’s information means in the big picture, andindicate a direction in which future research could move. Discuss how knowledge in the area could be expanded.Your review should be a minimum of two pages, not counting title and reference pages. Use APA style when writing yourreview. Cite any direct quotes or paraphrases from the article, and include any references used in your review in thereference page.Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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