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Use this weeks discussion to help frame and discuss the res

    Use this week’s discussion to help frame and discuss the research you’ve conducted, as you work to complete the annotated bibliography. How are the pieces you’ve found ‘speaking’ to each other? In other words, what connections are you noticing across sources? As Chapter 14 indicates, triangulating is important when conducting research, how are you triangulating your work?How might your classmates provide you with feedback or help you with the direction of the annotated bib and/or proposal? Please include at least two questions that you’d like your classmates to help address regarding your research/annotated bibliographyYour initial response should be between 200-250 words discussion 8 I had written:The main social issue I would like to deal with is corruption. Corruption has been a graft issue in the community, yet a combined community effort can eliminate it. There are many cases worldwide where leaders and professional grab funds supposed to complete important tasks and use it for selfish interests. The issue increases the gap between the rich and the poor, leaving some members of the community rotting in poverty. It is directly related to my career objectives as a financial analyst. Financial practitioners should be transparent. Through transparency, every stakeholder, from the customer, to the employee, employer and shareholder are served justly. The issue extends, not only to businesses, but also to other ventures such as the government and non-profitable organizations. The people who grab funds, public and private, have the support of corrupt financial officers. The officers take role in designing the criminal activities and keeping evidence through their financial intelligence. The main stakeholders for the issue include the community, business owners and shareholders, buyers of products and services, as well as the government and private sector workers. Getting information on how the theft is done is an issue of concern, since the grabbers keep their strategies secretive. However, failure to develop the topic sufficiently might make me decide on another issue.use easy words and easy sentences.classmate 1:While researching the pieces for my annotated bibliography I have found that different small businesses have different ways of resolving problems within the company. The connections across the sources is that even though there are decision making problems within many small businesses the fact is that many companies solve their problems differently than one another. For example, in one of the sources one small business takes a vote on what they should do, whereas the other one does not care what the employees input is because the boss is in charge and will do whatever he believes is right for the company. Reading these sources I have learned that people respond better to work when the boss ask the employees what they think should happen. I am triangulating my work by gathering opinions from the employees and the boss. Also, I am gathering the facts from the boss and why he believes the decision making plan he has is right versus asking the employees. The two questions I would have for my classmates would be: as an employee in a small business if your boss cared about your opinion would it make you enjoy your job and want to work harder for them? Also, would you be willing to have a voting system within your work place to make decisions easier on the boss? For example, there are 15 employees so people can vote 8:7 in favor or against a choice.classmate 2: My proposal will be to replace cones and chairs on basketball courts around the world and to replace them with dribble sticks. A dribble stick is a basketball training device that helps players learn to control the basketball better, as well as giving them the confidence to play at a high level. I have been doing my primary research for quite some time now, it is the secondary source that I need to continue to look into. Most of the primary research has been on court experiments for different drills and different ways to use the dribble stick. Now that we have the proof of concept it is time to do some of the secondary research to find out what coaches and players actual needs are. In Chapter 14 breaking down the proper ways to research was helpful to learn. It helps me to organize the information I am collecting and also helped me to understand how to plan to make sure I am getting the proper information.The questions I have for the class is first how do I best determine who my reader is and can it be more than one primary? For me I feel there are 3 different potential primary readers the players themselves, their parents, or their coaches. And the second question is direction should I go when putting this together?Each response to your classmates should be 100 words. easy words and easy sentences

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