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Use the following Links to discuss the following questions.V

    Use the following Links to discuss the following questions.Voyage of the Beagle: Phase 4’Evolution is the control of development by ecology.’ — Leigh Van ValenContinue the journey on the Beagle:September 15th, 1835: Galapagos IslandsJanuary 12, 1836, After anchoring in Sydney Cove, Australia, Darwin makes an excursion inland to Bathurst.April 6, 1836, Keeling or Cocos IslandApril 29, 1836: Mauritius Island (near Madagascar)Links for your journey:GalapagosAustraliaIndian OceanDiscuss Darwin’s Voyage: Phase 4Discuss the following:How can the finches be used as evidence for the argument from design as well as for descent with modification? What made it difficult for Darwin to recognize the importance of the finches for the development of his theory?When observing the platypus, Darwin was at first convinced that they must have occurred from a separate act of creation. How would this animal challenge his theory of gradual change? How would it challenge any other theory of the time?

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