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Unit 3 Lesson 3AssignmentFor each question, include the calc

    Unit 3 Lesson 3AssignmentFor each question, include the calculations you used to find your answer.For example: 2*3*4 = 24 1) All students at Amerville College are issued student identification tags as follows: Each student is assigned a five digit number, with repetitions allowed, followed by the letter F(fall semester) or S (spring semester). Additionally, each identification number is preceded by aD (day student) or N (night student). How many different tags are possible?2) How many different four digit numbers greater than 4000 can be formed from the digits 3, 4,8 and 9 ifrepetition is allowed [x]repetition is not allowed [y]3) How many different seven digit telephone numbers are possible if the first digit cannot be azero or a one? (assume no other restrictions exist, and repetitions are allowed 4) Each radio manufactured by a large electronics company is labeled with a serial number thatconsists of 2 letters followed by 4 numbers. How many different serial identification numbers arepossible? 5) At lunch you have the following options:Main meal: Pizza, PB & J, salad snack: fruit, chips, tater totsDrink: water, milk, chocolate milk, juiceDessert: cookie or fruit.How many different options for a lunch can you make?

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