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Type a one-page reaction to the lecture Notes from the lectu

    Type a one-page reaction to the lecture Notes from the lecture: 2015-2016 10 incidents Jan 7,9,2015 17 people killed The terrorist attacker were from France / they attack their home country July 2016 Nice attack 84 dead Why France? Reasons. A model of western secular liberalism, promoting Human rights, free speech, democracy. Jihadists have always want to attack France Chalie Hebdo- chief and said kouachi (Alqaeda)Paris attack – Islamic state Nice attack- Mohammed LahouaiejHow many from Europe Joined ISIS? France /12000+ they join Islamic state in Syria and Iraq Political History: Large number of 19 borers imported from former colonies Integration: problematic culture of gangster Jihad- marginalized youthFrances’s policy of assimilation: August 2016-issue of Burkini ban /2011 banning face veil Counter terrorism: De-radicalization program in France, Air strikes in Syria, Cohesive counter-terrorism unit needed.

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