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Topic ‘Smoking as a strategy for stress management in adult

    Topic ‘Smoking as a strategy for stress management in adult’*The research question’ do they use smoking as a strategy for stress management? *Articles must be empirical/data based from peer-reviewed, reputable journals.*Pleasenote that websites, and popular press are not appropriate places toinclude in your literature review. Also, please use secondaryresources, such as books, sparingly. Websites are not appropriate for a research paper.* APA citation format must be used. Outline 1/ Abstract (100 words)2/ Introduction: Clearly state the topic of the paper and why it is important to health care professionals.a. Statement of the Problem: Why are you researching this topic? And, why is it important that these questions be answered?b. Literature Review: Explore all relevant research in detail. This should be the most extensive section of your paper and should involved exploring topic by topic rather than article by article (i.e. integrate topics rather than discussing each article separately).c. Summary: Briefly summarize your overall research and what you think about it all. This section is the transition into the next section.3/ Methodology: If you were to design a study that would attempt to answer these research questions. What would that study look like and involve. a. Subjects: Who would the subjects be, and were would you get them?b. Instrumentation: What would you use to collect your data?c. Procedures: Systematically, describe what would be involved in carrying out this study.

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