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Topic sentences are the “thesis statements” of paragraph

    Topic sentences are the “thesis statements” of paragraphs; therefore, they are both a part of keeping the promise made by the thesis, as well as a sub-promise that should be kept by theparagraphs.They are usually the first sentence in the paragraph.The reader expects topic sentences to provide proof of one aspect ofthe thesis sentence as well as to provide an indication of what willfollow in the paragraph. A topic sentence is NOT simply a statement of fact. A fact does not contain any controlling ideas that can be easily explained, described, illustrated or analyzed.There are two kinds of topic sentences:1. A statement of opinionA statement of opinion contains some form of judgment and the paragraph will supportthe opinion in the topic sentence.Example: The computer is the greatest invention of the twentieth century.2. A statement of intentA statement of intent contains no opinion; instead, it informs the reader of what will beobjectively explained in the paragraph.Example: The common seasoning monosodium glutamate (MSG) has negative sideeffects.In this class we write #1 topic sentences, statements of opinion.Topic Sentence FunctionsAn effective topic sentence:Follows this formula: topic + commentRelates to the thesis.Sets up a claim, assertion, argument, evaluation, analysis. (is an opinion!!)Contains controlling ideas about the topic that need to be developed in the sentences that follow.Orients the reader.Provides a context for understanding what followsIs not a questionTransitions between the previous paragraphExercise :Directions: After reading ‘Topic Sentences,’ complete the following exercises.After each topic sentence, write strong or weak.If the topic sentence is weak, explain why.Remember:Does the point have a specific topic?Does the point have a comment/opinion?Is the topic sentence narrow enough to be covered in one paragraph but broad enough to be developed?Exercises:1. Imagine this, you have a simple life, you are a highly educatedchemist and have partnered with a longtime friend in a startup company.2. As a high-class boxing gym, Relentless Boxing Gym contains the essential equipmentto perform various boxing exercises that allows you to have a superior workout.3. When a traumatic even occurs, people tend to get a better understanding of themselvesand of their surroundings.4. Now, not only is Orange is the New Black a great way to kill some extra time, but youalso take away a worthwhile lesson after each episode.5. Is The Walking Dead an examination of morality?

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