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To kick off the unit, begin thinking about your heroes. Firs

    To kick off the unit, begin thinking about your heroes. First, choose one group of people with whom you identify. This might be a nation such as the United States, a religious organization, a racial, political, or gender group, or another subculture. Some examples of subcultures could be anything from Trekkies, Bronies, Whovians, or Browncoats to followers of American Football or even more specifically a particular college or professional team. Any group that you feel you are a part of is appropriate for this assignment.Then, write about the hero of your chosen culture. Who are they? What traits make them a ‘hero’? The audience of your paper should be someone outside the chosen culture.For this assignment, you will be graded on effort and completion, not on any right or wrong answers. (However, be sure you choose a culture with a hero to describe as that is the primary focus of this assignment.) Write one to three paragraphs.

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