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Three-year-old Ben lives in the country, with no other presc

    Three-year-old Ben lives in the country, with no other preschoolersnearby. His parents wonder whether it is worth driving Ben into townonce a week to participate in a peer play group. What advice would yougive Ben’s parents, and why?Please respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts.______________________________________here is the first postIwould definitely advise Ben’s parents to drive into town so he canparticipate in a peer play group. If Ben has an opportunity to interactwith other preschoolers, he should have the chance too. This will helphim develop skills as the other kids will be around the same stage ofdevelopment that he is in. By interacting with other preschoolers, he isgoing to learn from them. _______________________________________here is the second post Iwould advise the parents to take ben to peer play group weekly and totry to find other activities for him to participate in. Him being aroundother children will expand his social skills, language skills, and helphim throughout the different developmental stages. I’ve witnessed thisfirst hand, my best friends daughter wasn’t talking at all but once shestarted daycare and started coming around my son more her languageskills developed and her vocabulary blossomed.

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