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This weeks assignmentShort Answer1. Briefly describe the p

    This week’s assignment:Short Answer1. Briefly describe the phases of a cardiac rehabilitation program. Be sure to list some of the ‘cardiac events’ that precede participation in a program. (4)2. List the categories of hypertension. Define systole and diastole. Which category can participate in strength training activities? What activities are appropriate for higher risk clients? (5)3. What is hyperlipidemia and what are the effects on the human body? What effect does exercise have on this condition? (3)4. In your own words, define claudication. Discuss the grades of claudication discomfort and how you would use them with your client. (3)5. What does COPD stand for? Discuss the difference between asthma and emphysema. In your own words, describe the exercise considerations for older adults with COPD? (5)6. In your own words, describe the effect of exercise on blood sugar levels. How will this affect your exercise recommendations for both insulin dependent and non-insulin-dependent clients? What are the guidelines for adjusting your client’s food intake? (5)Learning Experience (20)Choose one of the following learning experiences. Perform the experience as instructed and write a 250 word essay describing your experience and what you gained from participating. Provide a comprehensive explanation of your findings, including the answer to the learning experience, as well as how this knowledge can benefit you in your service to your future clients, friends, and/or family.1. Create a one-page handout for your clients on heart disease. Make sure all of the information you include is accurate and consistent with the current research. Include phone numbers of local agencies and/or web site addresses. There should be an overview of heart disease, facts to support exercise is beneficial in preventing this condition, and other pertinent information. Make sure the handout is well organized and be creative!2. Design a training program for a 50-year-old male who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. Prescribe strength and flexibility exercises in your program. Explain your decisions in detail.3. Design an exercise program for an individual with Type II Diabetes. Be sure to take into account all of the safety precautions. Explain the reasoning used for your selected exercises.

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