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this reply could be around 150 words.Ihave always had an int

    this reply could be around 150 words.Ihave always had an interest with personality tests. I think they alwayseither tell you what you already know or give you insight to somethingnew and interesting about yourself. I thought the test was interestingand so were the questions. They were all random questions that didn’thave any particular order. Something that surprised me about the test isthat my inquisitiveness was low and it suggested something about mebeing small minded at the intellectual curiosity. I thought that wassurprising because I didn’t think I was like that when it came tointellectual curiosity. Something that didn’t surprise me is I scoredvery high in Extraversion and that is not surprising to me because Ihave always been more of an outgoing individual. I love meeting newpeople and being sociable. I think knowing these results is helpful for many because it providesa certain insight into yourself. Many people don’t know who they areand tests like these can help guide them through a journey withthemselves. These results would be helpful to psychologists because theycould see what was scored high and what was scored low. They could lookat the low scores and go from there. The lower scores could give theminsight to the individuals personality and they could go on from therewhen it comes to helping the individual or figuring out theirpersonality type. My general reactions to the five-factor model ofpersonality are positive. I believe the model is a good way to figureout everyones personality type. I think it i fair all across the boardand as long as the individuals are telling the truth when taking thetests, I think it is an accurate representation of personality andpersonality types.

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