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This is an assignment in my business statistics class (FINA

    This is an assignment in my business statistics class (FINA 220)This assignment consists of solving 4 problems from the textbook (Statistical Techniques inBusiness and Economics, 16th Edition, McGraw-Hill), two from chapter 2 and two from chapter 3. Excel data files are provided below for each of the problem. When you solve the 4 problems, please copy the data into 4 tabs of one Worksheet before you start. Do not keep it in 4 files.Here are the problems:2.30) The weekly amounts spent on groceries for a sample of 45 households is provided in the attached file. a) How many classes would you recommend for grouping the data?b) What class interval would you suggest?c) What would you recommend as the lower limit of the first class?d) Organize the data into a frequency distribution.e) Plot the distribution using a bar chart in Excel.2.43) Merill Lynch recently completed a study regarding the size of online investment portfolios (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and certificates of deposit) for a sample of clients in the 40 up to 50 years old age group. The value of all investments in thousands of dollars for the 70 participants in the study is provided in the attached file.a) Organize the data into frequency distribution. How many classes would you suggest ? What value would you suggest for a class interval?b) Draw a histogram. Inerpret your results.c) What is the mean, the variance, and the standard deviation of the data?3.65 A sample of households that subscribe to United Bell Company for landline phone service revealed the following number of calls received per household last week (see attached data file for the numbers). Determine the mean and the median number of calls received.3.77 The enrollments of the 13 public universities in Ohio is given in the attached data file.a) Is this a sample or a population?b) What is the mean enrollment?c) What is the median enrollment?d) What is the range of enrollments?e) Compute the standard deviation.

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