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This is a beginners course. I have attached what I have done

    This is a beginners course. I have attached what I have done so far, it is all correct. My teacher has checked it. I just don’t know how to continue. I have attached the file with the UML and instructions. I need this done by ASAP so that I can check errors and have my teacher check it.The local Candy Store ships candy around the world. 12 candy bars fit into each carton when they package it. They provide a discount for the number of cartons ordered. You are to write the class needed to calculate how much is owed. The handout has the UML and description for the classes that you are to write.She also sent us these reminders:3. There should be NO ‘if’ statements in computeCost. computeDiscount will have the ‘if’. It would be redundant to have another ‘if’ check the same thing in computeCost.4. And finally – in main, once you create your objects, use your objects to do the rest of the program. Do not use the variables that the user entered in, use the objects.

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