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This forum has two parts. Recallthe two presidential speeche

    This forum has two parts. Recallthe two presidential speeches that were given by both President Obamaand President Reagan, respectively. Note that these two presidents usedthe Rogerian method of argumentation to not only win over those whoagreed with their viewpoints, but also to win over those who helddifferent views. Thinkabout a national or international issue that matters to you and writeyour own speech for that issue, using the Rogerian style ofargumentation. How would you win over the other side? You don’t needto use citations, but please do not create statistics or ‘facts.’ Youmight also find this video on the Rogerian form helpful: Pleasenote that you have the option of having the text of the video appear ifyou check the CC icon at the bottom of the screen. Does your speechfollow the pattern generally?Next,consider the following. During week seven, you are creating an argumentusing the Rogerian method. Have you used this style of argumentationbefore in your studies or career (either verbally or in past writingassignments/projects)? Will you use it in the future? Why or why not?

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