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This assignment is meant to allow you to reflect on your own

    This assignment is meant to allow you to reflect on your own early childhood experiences and consider how the influences then have made you who you are today. For this paper you will pick 1-2 influences or incidents like moving countries/cities, a special teacher, a supportive relationship, death, divorce, a new school – anything that you feel was significant in shaping you. Focus on ages 0 through 10. You may not have clear memories of your first few years and that’s okay but anything after elementary school is too ‘old’ for consideration for this paper. In deconstructing our unique experiences, we gain a better understanding of ourselves within the world around us. The ability to reflect is a crucial skill for working with people in general, and children in particular, and this assignment helps you practice that skill. There is no rubric for this but I need to see that you have (1) use a couple of concepts from this course from either presentations or readings to (2) look at your own life in a critical reflective way. No need for a reference is some readings:……

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