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The womens movement should focus on improving the descrip

    The women’s movement should focus on improving the descriptive representation of women in the House of Commons’ SUMMARY -Develop an argument for or against the position. You should reflect on the obstacles and benefits of different approaches to policy change. -In your paper you should draw on specific examples of policy success or failure in order to support your position.REQUIRMENTS 8-10 pages excluding reference and cover page.- The writer should take the position of improving descriptive representation -However, by doing so, I request that the writer examine the complex relationship between the two types of representation (descriptive and substantive) -Argument should be that descriptive representation is necessary in politics, but there are some complex factors within substantive representation that should also be acknowledged. -Although it is a argument paper, writer should be critical towards both types of representation by examining the complexities between the two.STRUCTURE -Intro including a brief but through explanation to the topic of the essay and what will be examined within the paper -Intro MUST include a clear argument-Dedicate a good portion of the paper to outlining and examining the strengths and obstacles of both representation – Study the complex relationship -Also Include a case study that illustrates the benefits of descriptive representation – PAPER SHOULD E STRUCTURED CLEARLYADDITIONAL REQUIRMENTS -ALL SOURCES MUST BE ACADEMIC -I request that there be NO plagiarism and paraphrasing be kept at a minimum. -Please include a Bibliography -Perfect Grammer and Spelling would be appriciated -Also, Canadian Spell Check would be great

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