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The United States often is singled out as a shining example

    The United States often is singled out as a shining example ofdemocratic governance; however, the U.S. system of governance is notimmune to criticism. Scholars from the right and the left point outflaws in the U.S. system from its founding to its present state. Aninteresting feature of democratic governance is that loyal oppositionand dissent are built into the system. Some democracies, including theUnited States, have benefited greatly from those who criticized thestatus quo. Not everyone who criticizes aspects of a democratic systemis a detractor. On the other hand, not all criticisms are valid. Infact, some criticisms may be destructive or easily refuted. One asset ofdemocratic systems is the ability to improve and reform successfullywhen faced with a legitimate criticism. Evaluating which criticismsprovide an adequate justification for reform is a more difficult task.To prepare for this Assignment:Reviewthe article “Democracy, Nationalism and Culture: A Social Critique ofLiberal Monoculturalism” in this week’s Learning Resources. Take note ofcritiques of democracy in the article.Review the articles “Plato’s Criticisms of Democracy in the Republic”and “Is Democracy Possible?” in this week’s Learning Resources. Payparticular attention to dissenting arguments about democracy.Think about why critiques of democracy might be an important element of democratic governance.Reflect on the role of critiques of democracy in reforming and improving democratic governance.Usingthe knowledge you have gained from this course, the Learning Resourcesfor this week, and/or your own research on democracy, select twocritiques of democracy for this Assignment.Consider (as theyrelate to governance and public policy) the validity of the critiques,their constructive or destructive nature, and how they might berebutted.The Assignment (3–5 pages):Briefly describe the two critiques of democracy that you selected.Evaluate them as follows (as they relate to governance and public policy):Explain why and how the critiques might be valid and constructive.Explain why and how the critiques might be invalid and destructive.Explain how you might refute or support these critiques.Share insights and/or draw conclusions based on your evaluation of critiques of democracy.Supportyour Assignment with specific references to all resources used in itspreparation while adhering specifically to APA style of reference.ReadingsGilley, B. (2009). Is democracy possible? Journal of Democracy, 20(1), 113–127.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Santas, G. (2007). Plato’s criticisms of democracy in the Republic. Social Philosophy and Policy, 24(2), 70–89.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Conversi, D. (2007). Democracy, nationalism and culture: A social critique of liberal monoculturalism. Social Compass, 2(1): 156–182. Retrieved from Education (Producer). (2014a). Critiques of and challenges to democracy [Audio file]. Baltimore, MD: Author. Inthis media piece, a subject-matter expert discusses how democracy posesa challenge to the resolution of a public policy issue by means ofgovernance and/or public policy.Laureate Education (Producer). (2009b). Perspectives on the world speaker series: Politics in an age of partisanship with Christine Todd Whitman [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author. Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 40 minutes. “Perspectives on the World Speaker Serires: Politics in an Age of Partisanship with Christine Todd Whitman” Transcript (PDF)Optional ResourcesJenco, L. (2003). Thoreau’s critique of democracy. Review of Politics, 65(3), 355–381.Miller, J. (2002, Aug. 28–Sept. 1). Democratic rhetoric and democratic audiences. Paper presented at the American Political Science Association 2002 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

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