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The two book still on the file also i post the work you wrot

    The two book still on the file also i post the work you wrote before on the file tooThere is paper topic TIMES ROMAN, DOUBLE SPACE, 3 pagesHow do the following quotes complement each other as they explain the progress and concerns regarding technology and human thought and culture in the digital age?Be complete in your explanation and use your own words and examples.EVALUATION: This work will be evaluated on structure (beginning, middle, end), logical progression, completeness and clarity of thought.“Our languages are our media, our media are our metaphors. Our metaphors create the content of our culture.” Postman, p. 15“We seem to have arrived, as McLuhan said we would, at an important juncture in our intellectual and cultural history, a moment of transition between two very different modes of thinking… For the last five centuries, ever since Gutenberg’s printing press made book reading a popular pursuit, the linear, literary mind has been at the center of art, science and society. As supple as it is subtle, it’s been the imaginative mind of the Renaissance, the rational mind of the enlightenment, the inventive mind of the Industrial Revolution, even the subversive mind of Modernism. It may soon be yesterday’s mind.” Carr, P. 10There is feedback you must according to those point to rewrite Pay attention to this feedback page very carefully. There’s too much information that needs to be carefully structured in two pages.I need to know that you have read the books and understand the concepts and why they are significant. Address the consequences both Postman and Carr discuss, whether they agree or disagree and why. You must also tell me what is lost as a result of those consequences. (The ‘so what?’) Remember: 5 – 6 paragraphs….Intro., Languages, Metaphor, Content of Culture, and possibly a paragraph on neurological effects and how they lead to yesterday’s mind, conclusion. Here are some major points to consider before you rewrite:You need the tutorial statement – Postman’s quote –articulated some way in your intro. What is the literary mind? Why is that “yesterday’s” mind?Why are media languages? What is a language? Discuss differences among them.What are metaphors?Why are media our metaphors?How do metaphors create content?How does that happen?What is plasticity? How does it happen?What is being displaced? You must identify what it is that technology is causing to be displaced. It’s more than old media…. There is one over-arching displacement, but Carr refers to four or five additional things that are being displaced as well (related to consequences of new media). You must tell me what they are — at least the most important.You must explain why that displacement is important? You were provided with some consequences, but in addition to explaining what they are, you must tell me why they matter.How do these consequences change the lives of individuals? What are the physiological effectsHow do these consequences change societies?What implications to these consequences have for the human race itself?Most of you focused on the ‘little picture’ and did not address the bigger picture related to this displacement and the new metaphors creating the content of our culture.Remember that the challenge is to write concisely so that you can provide a lot of information in the two pages that you have. That means you will have to rewrite and edit. I hope this will help you earn a 45+ on your rewrite!If you made less than 40 on your first attempt, you MUST rewrite the tutorial.

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