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The text book used for this is Research Methods In Psycholog

    The text book used for this is Research Methods In Psychology 3rd edition Gary Heiman1. Isastrology a science? List the reasons why or why not. Explain theproblems involved in ‘proving’ that statements from astrology are true.(ch1)2. Perform a literature search on any issue of your interest anddescribe what you searched and the procedures you found helpful.Contribute to other students so that you learn from each other, and makeany notes which will help you when you begin searching for yourresearch project – this assignment can be on the topic you are choosingfor the research project if you wish. (ch2)3. To test the hypothesis that drinking red wine daily prevents heartdisease, we select elderly people who have consumed either zero, one ortwo glasses of red wine daily during their lives and determine thehealth of their hearts. (a) why type of design is this? (b) what term dowe use to refer to the amount of wine a person drinks? (c) what do wecall the amounts we examine? (d) what do we call the healthiness ofparticipants’ hearts? (e) how confident can we be when concluding thatdrinking more wine reduces heart disease? why? (ch3)4. Create a descriptive hypothesis and describe how to test it using a correlational design.(a)identify at least two important extraneous variable that might beoperating. (b) how would these variables impact on the reliability and/or validity of your study? (c) how could you control these variables? (ch3)

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