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The project team is ready to create the directory structure

    The project team is ready to create the directory structure for the Web site. You are tasked with creating the directories and implementing the security mechanism. For this assignment, you need to create the following directory structure and permissions:Ensure that you are starting in your individual Home directory:The following file permission should be enabled for the directories:The owner can read, write and execute All.The group can read and execute All Directories.Everyone else can only read and execute the files in Apache only (and no permissions in www).Change the wwwftp directory to allow the User and group to read, write, and execute, but everyone else to only write to the directory.In addition, create the following empty files and set the following file permissions:Finally, create a file called apache/conf/httpd.conf, and add the following lines to the file:Save the file and exit the editor. Set the file permission for this file to be: 664.Show the command used to show content of the file and the content of the file.Using the grep command, write comment to find the line containing the word(s) ServerRoot and DocumentRoot in the httpd.conf file.Write a sed command that will change the ServerRoot value from /usr to the absolute directory patch for your apache directory.Write a sed command that will change the Document value from /Library/WebServer/Documents to the absolute directory patch for your www directory.Write an awk command that will print only the comment field and the login id of all users in the /etc/passwd file in this format:

    .Your submission should include the following, as well as a description about each step (what you did and why you are performing each command) and associated screenshots:All commands to create the above structureChanging to your Home directoryCreating the directoriesCreating the empty filesChanging all file permissionsShow the directory list of the new structure, including a list of permissionsA grep, sed, and awk command

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