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The field of Psychology is a very broad field.Although psych

    The field of Psychology is a very broad field.Although psychologists explore issues of behavior and mental processes, researchers in the field can approach these issues from multiple perspectives.The perspectives discussed in your book- neuroscience, evolutionary, behavior genetics, behavioral, cognitive, social-cultural, and psychodynamic are complementary.Each contributes to our understanding of how we think, feel, and act.Below you will find two issues that are ofinterest to researchers in the field.Your task will be to describe how each perspective might approach this problem. (1)First, for either Intelligence or Love (choose one), give a description of how each of the perspectives listed below would view the issue.For each perspective, develop a research question someone and a corresponding hypothesis.For example, consider a difficult problem such as drug abuse.A scientist from the neuroscience perspective might be interested in brain function in long-term cocaine abuse.They might develop a question as to whether long term cocaine use damages memory. The corresponding hypothesis might be that long term cocaine use changes how much information can be stored in the memory system. NeuroscienceDescription:Research Question and Hypothesis:EvolutionaryDescription:Research Question and Hypothesis:Behavior GeneticsDescription:Research Question and Hypothesis:BehavioralDescription:Research Question and Hypothesis:CognitiveDescription:Research Question and Hypothesis:Social-CulturalDescription:Research Question and Hypothesis:PsychodynamicDescription:Research Question and Hypothesis:Humanistic Description:Research Question and Hypothesis:(2) Choose one perspective and the corresponding question that you proposed.Identify ONE qualitative methodand ONE quantitative methodto answer your question. Be detailed in how you would use each methodology to answer the question.Qualitative Method:Quantitative Method:Each assignment is to be typed, double-spaced, 3-4 pages in length.

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