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The Case of NoraInstructions • Please respond to the foll

    The Case of NoraInstructions: • Please respond to the following case study using 12pt Times New Roman,double-spacing, and one-inch margins. • Your document must be between 3 to 4 pages. • LABEL the parts of your answer as a – e.Prompt:Nora is a 21-year-old college student who resides with her parents. She is a straight-Astudent, belongs to multiple honors societies, and is on track to graduating next semester.She has always been popular with her peers and has a supportive family. One night, Noradecided to go to a party with her friends and drank a little too much alcohol. Against herbetter judgment, she chose to drive home and received a DWI in the process. She is nowon academic probation, lost membership to her honors societies, and her family is veryupset with her. Her friends have also become distant with her because they do not want tobe associated with someone who has that type of “reputation.” She is afraid she has losther path in life and is very worried about what the future holds for her. She is so stressedout that her grades have begun slipping and she has lost interest in hobbies she used toenjoy.It is your first day working at Towson University’s Counseling Center. Nora has chosenyou as her therapist. She has explained her background and the details of that night toyou. She also explained that she is simply looking for support and someone to talk to inthis difficult time. 2Questions:a) What invitational skills do you believe would be useful here and why? Howwould you show you are fully listening to Nora? Be specific. b) Respond to Nora’s dilemma using quotes. Create a conversation between you andher in therapy that includes at least 5 of her “responses” back to you so that youmay demonstrate some comments you would make. Include at least oneparaphrase, reflection of feeling, and reflection of meaning. You may embellishupon her story as appropriate. c) She then asks you, “Will my life ever go back to normal? What should I do?” –using quotes, how would you answer her? d) A few months into therapy, Nora comes in to your office very distraught. Shestates, “I don’t think you are very supportive, and I am tired of coming here andfeeling like I am not getting anywhere.” – using quotes, how would you answerher? e) After bringing Nora back to a calm state, you realize that it is close to the end ofthe session. Using quotes, demonstrate an effective planning summary to end thesession. Again, you may embellish upon her story as appropriate.Use the book if you need it to make sure what ‘ Reflecting feelings and meanings mean’To help you..Question A is from ch.4B ch.5.6 and 7C& D ch3W ch 7

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